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Buying or selling aircraft should not be difficult or time consuming. We walk you through every step of the process with Cockpit Concierge Service.

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We are focused on bringing transparency and efficiency to buying and selling aircraft. With more than 30 years experience in aviation and marketing businesses our team walks you through every step of the process to ensure a properly reserved and omni channel marketed aircraft. Your entire process is secure and streamlined with a third party escrow company. Every auction is overseen by a licensed auctioneer.



Aircraft Auction

1968 Grumman AA1 // Economical Operation // N5620L

This low time AA-1 Grumman Yankee can be utilized as an efficient traveler or an affordable trainer. This is the first production year of the Jim Bede designed series of aircraft. These aircraft are known for their light handling characteristics. AA-1’s features a sliding canopy and bonded honeycomb aluminum fuselage.

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Aircraft Auction

1990 Socata TB20 // Updated Avionics // N718EW

The Socata TB20 Trinadad is built of French refinement. Aircraft features a spacious cabin at 49 inches wide. This interior has been newly and tastefully reupholstered. Exterior has received an update as well with a stunning paint scheme. It is a capable cross country performer with a top airspeed of over 150 KTS and a cruise range of 1110 NM.

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Unlocking the Thrills and Strategies of Aircraft Auctions

Auctions, the age-old practice of buying and selling goods, have always intrigued both sellers and buyers. Everyone aims to strike the perfect deal, where sellers can fetch top dollar for their items, and buyers can snag bargains. But the reality isn’t always that straightforward. This is where auctions step in to create a dynamic and transparent environment that benefits all parties involved

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Aircraft Auction

1977 Piper Lance // New Interior // N1177A

Well maintained Lance in like new condition with brand new interior and recent paint. Engine has been recently
overhauled and there is a new prop as of 6/19. This aircraft has an updated panel and is capable of IFR flight.
The Piper Lance is a heavy hauler. It is the perfect family station wagon of the sky.

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Aircraft Auction

2011 Cessna 162 Skycatcher // RBS equipped // N6000U

This impeccably cared for and well loved 162 has never been in a flight school. This is a unique example featuring a BRS recovery chute, as well as dual Garmin G300 screens. Aircraft is fresh out of annual and is ready to fly to its new home.

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